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Natalie + Dan + Alek | Martha's Vineyard Engagement Photos

Thursday, 9.18.2014
Some quick Instagram photos from last nights engagement session. I'm beyond excited for this wedding next year! More on Alek and his handlers soon!
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Sarah + Jon | Cape Cod Engagement Photos | Sneak Peak

Wednesday, 8.20.2014
I'm really looking forward to Sarah and Jon's upcoming wedding at Wequasett. They have recently renovated and i'm looking forward to checking it out! Stay tuned!

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Sarah + Jon | Cape Cod Engagement Photos | Sneak Peak

Thursday, 7.3.2014
A quick photo from Sarah and Jon's engagement session a couple nights ago on the Cape.

more soon!

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Kerry + Doug | NYC Engagement Photos

Tuesday, 5.6.2014
I might have laughed a wee bit too much during this session.... it was the perfect spring sunday in NYC!
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Andrea + John | NYC Engagement Photos

Monday, 5.5.2014
I can't wait to shoot what is sure to be an amazing wedding at Chatham Bars Inn with Allison Liset this August!
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Carrie + Paul | Martha's Vineyard Engagement Session

Tuesday, 1.28.2014
I'm super psyched to work with these two in a few short months! Here's a quickie we did on a very chilly day in Dec!
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Courtney + John | NYC Engagement Shoot

Friday, 9.13.2013
I LOVE engagement sessions! It's a time to relax and have fun while making fun images! Here's a few from our NYC engagement session a little while back.
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Ellie + Bill | Charlottesville, VA Engagement Session

Monday, 12.17.2012
I spent the day in Charlottesville, VA with Bill and Ellie and let's just say, we had A LOT of fun.!
:-) Sometimes the apple map .app does take you to the coolest places.

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Lara + Casey, NYC Engagement Session

Wednesday, 3.7.2012
I love engagement photos. They really do allow us time to get to know each other and make some cool photos without worrying about time. Often on the wedding day, time is the last thing I have. :-) I'm really looking forward to Lara & Casey's wedding in a few months.
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Allison + Scott | Martha's Vineyard Engagement Photos

Monday, 9.26.2011
I LOVE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS! They really are fun! I had more fun photographing Allie and Scott than should be allowed! lol

LOVE this first image...
We ended the session surfing at Moshup's! What a great day!!
LOVE this one!
Allie and Scott, thank you!!!!

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