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Congratulations Louise and Michael!!! | Cape Cod Museum of Art | Cape Cod

Tuesday, 9.9.2014  |  Weddings
Everyone asks about rainy weddings. I present to you Louise and Michael! I had a blast running all around the CCMOA with them!

Louise emailed me today to let me know what she thought of the photos: (reprinted with permission of course)
Hi Joe, We have been pouring over the photos all weekend and I am beyond obsessed with them! You really captured the personality of the wedding. I often laughed out loud at some of the shots reliving some of the funny events of the night. There is a particular close-up shot of Mike waiting under the umbrella that I just die for every time I see it. Every photo is perfect and the compliments keep rolling in.

We couldn't be happier, so thanks again!

Getting emails like these make my week!

Wedding & Reception: The Cape Cod Museum of Art!
Coordinator: Ashley Baker/Cape Cod Celebrations
Stunning bridesmaids dresses!
LOVE this one!
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