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Congratulations Alicia & Walter!!

Saturday, 9.8.2007  |  Joe's Weddings
What a PARTY! Alicia and Walter really really know how to party. It was really insane!

You might remember Alicia and Walter and Jaxson and Lila from their engagement shoot. Well...Jaxson and Lila were styling at the wedding!! Lila was wearing a stunning flower necklace and not be outdone, Jaxson was sporting a saweeeeet tux! He even made some moves on Lila trying to upstage the wedding. It was really funny!!
Sweet details!
We had awesome light all day!
Cupcakes...mmmmmmmm! It took a lot of willpower not to grab one!
Just to give you an idea of the kind of party it was....the dance floor looked like writhing bodies all night! :-)
Alicia and Walter (and Lila + Jaxson too!) Thanks for allowing me to spend the day with you guys! I had an awesome time!!

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